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Visit to Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Yatim / Miskin Rukaiyah

31 Oct, 2015

In our ongoing efforts to develop meaningful CSR agendas and initiatives, we strive to give back the society acting in environmentally, socially, culturally and ethically responsible manner.

MSOG constantly look at ways to foster greater understanding and relationship between the employees.  Therefore we arranged this CSR program to Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Yatim/Miskin Rukaiyah, Kajang in order to support the underprivileged children. This small contribution to their personal household is meant in purchasing much needed basic food items and stationeries.  The volunteers was segregated to few teams to assist in the clean-up efforts of the house areas which includes planting, housekeeping, painting, gotong-royong and giving talk to the students on the basic HSE awareness.

Apart from our busy schedules, to gather volunteers can be a hard time.  However, this kind of volunteering program is surely a rewarding experience for MSOG-ians!

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