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Flame And Gas Detector Malaysia

At DETCON and GMI we do more than design and build safety equipment. We clear the way, by listening to your needs and addressing your hazards, so in moments of danger you can move forward, be safe and define what’s next.

How do we do it? We create smart solutions based on how you work in the real world. Solutions that cater to the industries we serve and support our unwavering commitment to you.

Whether you need a scalable solution to protect your employees or need to know the exact product to take your business to the next level, DETCON and GMI has the resources to provide the smart solution.

•    Scalable, Flexible Platforms to meet the requirements of multiple vertical markets
•    Ties gas detectors, flame detectors, open path, portable area monitors and other instruments into an integrated system
•    Open/Industry Standard  communications protocols
•    Addresses “Reliability”  with optional SIL2/SIL3 rated platforms
•    Increases safety, plant productivity and performance
•    Reduces downtime
•    Reduces total cost of ownership
           –    Cost of Installation
           –    Cost Of Maintenance
           –    Remote Diagnostics

Product range:
         1.    GMI Portable Single or Multi Gas detector
         2.    DETCON Fixed Gas detector (Toxic / Combustible)
         3.    DETCON Integrated Alarm and Control system
         4.    DETCON SmartWireless detection system

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